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           2018 ART SHOW WINNERS

Congratulations to all who participated in the Everett Arts Association 2018 Spring Arts Festival
Judging our event were Marion R. Hall, George Martin, and Charlotte Roberts  

Frank Tomassello, “Mending the Net”

First Place: Lois Hutchinson, “Nantucket Great Point House II”
Second Place: Marjorie Taber, "Power of the Ocean"
Third Place: Lois M. Hutchinson, “Fish in the Sky”
Honorable Mention: Ann LoConte, “Untitled”
First Place: Frank Tomassello, “Mending the Net”
Second Place: Sandra Maddeford, "Serenity"
Third Place: Patricia Epsimos, “Steven Seagull”
Honorable Mention: Patricia Epsimos, “Abstract Town”
                           Patricia Epsimos,”Cat in the Grass”
                           Jackie Miller, “LaSeine”
                           Helen Scoppettuolo, “Shades of Vincent (Abstract)”
                           Helen Scoppettuolo,
                           Helen Scoppettuolo, “Chickens Dancing”

First Place: Josephine Collazzo "Dogwood Branch”
Second Place: Maryann Trudeau, “Indian Magic”
Third Place: Josephine Collazzo, “Flowers/Fence”
Honorable Mention: Josephine Rivers,”Buoys”
DRY MEDIA        
First Place: Josephine Rivers,
"Harvest Time”
Second Place: Janice McPhee, " Still Life”
Third Place: Ann LoConte, “Untitled”
Honorable Mention: Ann LoConte, "Untitled"
First Place: Jackie Miller, "Chemo”
Second Place: Gabriela Crinigan,  “Latina”
Third Place: Jackie Miller, “Mask 14”
First Place: Marjorie Taber, “Horses on the Run”
Second Place: June Moloney “Two Trees in Pastel Miniature”
Third Place: Marjorie Taber, “Sunset on Harbor”
Honorable Mention: June Moloney, "Two Trees in Charcoal Miniature"

First Place: Linda Jarrett, "Four Seasons"
Second Place: Marjorie Taber, "Zig-Zag Afghan"
Third Place: Karen Alzayer, “Hamsa Tambourine”
Honorable Mention: Linda Jarrett, “Spring Garden”
                           Linda Jarrett, “Beaded Pineapple Scarf”

First Place: Barbara Santella ,”Hands of Time”
Second Place: Rena Taber, "Unique Spider”
Third Place: Donna Ahlin-Dodier,  "End of the Line?”
Honorable Mention: Donna Ahlin-Dodier, “Purple Passion”
Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts