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Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
Eva's impressive oil painting was informative and lively.  Many of her former students were
present at this demonstration. Welcome back Eva, and thank you for sharing your talent
with us!
Eva  is a native of Malden and resides in Melrose, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of
the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and Tufts University.  Eva is a full time artist
and teacher, besides demonstrations and workshops, she has taught at several local
colleges and exhibits in regional galleries.  She is member of The North Shore,
Rockport Art Associations, and the Malden Sketch Group.

Artist Statement
There is a certain satisfaction with combining the tension of space, balance, and
subject matter to create the most comforting relationship. I love the idea of painting
ordinary mundane subjects and transforming them into colorful imagery. My work
shifts from the attempt to present the world as it is and find the unusual positions to
bring out the character that the usual onlooker may not see, such as a crooked street
or leaning building. My idea is to stay focused on the fundamental relationships as an
unfinished study while enjoying the beauty of colors coming against one another. This
is an energizing and invigorating process as one moves to refining the subject to a
simple point of view. Color and light, for me, always take on the role of transporting
images to another era that provides nostalgia and the memories of a simpler time. My
urge is to always leave the viewer with a sense of past tranquility that may give a
moment’s pause within our busy days.
Eva Cincotta
October 2016