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Holly Anderson Popeo
April 15, 2017
Holly Anderson Popeo is an oil painter living in North Reading, Massachusetts.
She studied Graphic Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she
received her BFA.  She began her career painting in watercolors, but soon discovered
her love of painting with oils.  After college, Holly worked as a Graphic Designer.  She
later taught for the Creative Arts program in North Reading.  Holly has worked with
interior decorators painting furniture, small murals and trompe l'oeil designs in
peoples' homes.  She has also painted large murals, including one located in the North
Reading Public Libary. Holly is a member of the Reading Art Association, an
Associate Member at the North Shore Art Association,  Newburyport Art Association
and a Contributing Member at the Rockport Art Association. She exhibits her work in
shows throughout the Northshore.  She has taken workshops and classes with many
wonderful instructors including Susan Manning O'Briant, Paul George, Paul
Ciaramitaro,  J.C. Airoldi,and David Curtis.  Each instructor has served as a mentor,
and has significantly contributed to her skills and passion for creating art.Holly's
favorite subject is the outdoors.  She likes to paint landscapes quickly while enjoying
her natural surroundings.  She is an avid gardener, which greatly influences her work.  
As in her garden, which is natural, free and loose, she strives to compose her paintings
in the same spontaneous manner.
Holly started with an underpainting and progressed in oils, painting in color and adding
flowers to make a very beautiful work of art.  Thank you, Holly for demonstrating how to
mix colors and add step by step details to a lovely finish.
Below are some of Holly''s finished paintings
Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts