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Rod Peterson
November 21, 2015

He has studied privately with South Shore Artist Ros Farbush, North Shore
Artist Eva Cincotta, and at watercolor workshops in Jackson, New Hampshire,
with the late artist and author, David Millard.
Another significant part of his art training comes from the ever-expanding
collection of art books in local libraries, a constant source of inspiration and
direction. Libraries have offered Rod an opportunity to exhibit his own work as
well as to view exhibits of other artists. Peterson still enjoys going to Malden
Public Library and exploring old and new books on art.
I love the concept of Window Arts Malden. It isn't the sales, or the vast
turnout, but the connection to other artists and what they are doing.
It's a fun celebration.
Peterson's watercolors begin outdoors, 'en plein air', and are completed in his
home studio.
My paintings are not photographic impressions, but the site is my starting
point, then the painting takes a life of its own. I don't think I see any
differently than anyone else, but when you are painting, you are forced to see
shapes you don't ordinarily see, colors you don't ordinarily see. I think my
paintings show that, and I enjoy sharing.
Rod Peterson can often be seen in Boston painting the city’s historical
landmarks and cityscapes that are his specialty, like Trinity church in Copley
Square designed by the architect Henry Hobson Richardson.
He has also painted other buildings by Richardson such as the Malden Public
Library where Rod’s work is part of the permanent collection.
Rod is the 2010 recipient of the North Shore Art Association’s Frederick
Mulhaupt Memorial Award for his painting,  “in the Back Bay”.
Rod Peterson was one of the early members of the Malden
Sketch Group when it used to meet at the Cultural Center
in the old Pearl Street Fire Station.
Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts