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      Congratulations to all who participated in the Everett Arts Association 2017 Spring Arts Festival
   Judging our event were 3 judges, Ruth Camber; Janice Brodrick Castellano; Mary D. Kelly  
                  Listed  below are members who won ribbons in their category

Lois M. Hutchinson, “Nantucket Sunset”

First Place: Ann LoConte, "Waiting Patiently
Second Place: Peggy Mitton, "
Three Sisters"
Third Place: Lois M. Hutchinson,
“Back From Fishing"
Honorable Mention: Paul Lozier, "Reflections"
                         Marjorie Taber, "
Alas, Spring is Here!”
First Place: Janice McPhee, “A Sweet Bouquet”
Second Place: June Moloney, "Owl’s Nest Golf Course"
Third Place: Agnes Foye, “
Friends On The Trail"
Honorable Mention: Helen Scoppettulo, “All That Glitters”
                          Helen Scoppettulo,”Bridge to the Other Side
                          Helen Scoppettulo, “
Les Fleurs”            
First Place: Josephine Rivers  "Mystical Morning
Second Place: Josephine Rivers, "
Early 19th Century Teapot ‘Gideon Foster House’”
Third Place: Josephine Collozzo, "Rockport Doorway"
Honorable Mention: Josephine Rivers, "Boston Light"
DRY MEDIA        
First Place: Janice McPhee, "
Nature’s Pleasures
Second Place: Ann LoConte, "
Sitting Ballerina"
Third Place: Ann LoConte, ”Over The Horizon
Honorable Mention: June Moloney,
"Peaceful Pines"
First Place: Yudith Perez, “Colorful Blanquet”
Second Place: Jackie Miller,
“ Mask II"
Third Place: Helen Scoppettuolo, “Feather Fiasco”
Honorable Mention: Karyn Alzayer, “Golden Pathways”
First Place: Marjorie Taber, "Winter Can Be Beautiful”
Second Place: MarjorieTaber, “Heading Home-Guiding The Way
Third Place: June Moloney,
"Lazy River"

First Place: Marjorie Taber, "Afghan-Crocheted Zig-Zag"
Second Place: Barbara Santella,
"All Seasons"
Third Place: Barbara Santella, "U.S. Pride "
Honorable Mention: Karyn Alzayer, “
Moroccan Tambourine”

First Place: Lois Hutchinson, "Sankaty Light”
Second Place: Donna Ahlin-Dodier, "Thin Skinned
Third Place: Rena Taber,  "Sailing On The Horizon"
Honorable Mention: Lois Hutchinson, “Baby Alyssa’s First Daffodils”
Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
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