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Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts

                 Everett Arts 46th Annual Spring Arts Festival May 31 – June 1, 2014

                   Pope John XXIII High School Participants
                                               Eric Burke, Art Teacher
Neil Phan-  charcoal
Jenny Youn- Oil painting/ wire sculpture
Abby Cain- Sculpture
Iris Dunn- Sculpture
Kimberly Tran- Watercolor/ mosaic
Sherly Zhuang- Acrylic painting/ mosaic
Quezia Lacerda- mosaic
Kevin Han-mosaic
Juan Marrero- sculpture   

Iris Dunn on Acoustic Guitar and singing
Tommy O'Connor on Ukulele and singing

Iris Dunn
Everett Recreation Center Youth Art Program

ERC Youth Art Display by:
Michael DiPietro, Recreation Center Leader, City of Everett
Eileen Umba-Neuwinger, Recreation Center Painting Instructor
Emu Art Studio
       Delight in this beautiful display of paintings and drawings
        from young and talented participants in the
Recreation Center Program,
and young members of the surrounding communities.