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Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
Jerry Kelley
April 20, 2013 Demonstration
Jerry Kelley has been hiking the hills around the Hoosac
Tunnel in Western Massachusetts for years searching for long
forgotten places of historical interest.
He has tried to bring to light the facts that have been
previously overlooked.
His talk centered on the survey of the Hoosac Tunnel and the methods used to bring the
six headings together with amazing accuracy, even by today’s standards.

He started with a brief 1928 film of a Hoosac electric locomotive and it’s journey through
the Eastern and Western portals.

The PowerPoint presentation outlined each survey tower location as it looks today with
photos and story, some with photos from the 19th century.

The display of his unique Hoosac scale model collection is all hand-made by Jerry Kelley.
Jerry and Gayle Kelley
Mt. Washington Cog Railway
Hoosac Electric Locomotive
Eastern and Western Portals of the Hoosac Tunnel
Rock Boring Machine
Method of Tunneling
A Hoosac Tunnel Lining Tower